6 Types of Silver Used in Silver Ornaments

Are you aware of the various types of alloys used in silver ornaments? Every alloy is different and holds a different value compared to sterling silver. This article will help you in understanding the differences in silver and making a wise purchase of online jewellery. There are different types of silver jewelry which is hard to differentiate or define. Before you read further, it is important that you know what budget of silver jewelry you are looking for.

6 types of silver used in silver ornaments:

  1. .999 silver:

.999 is the closest metal to pure silver. It is described in that number for its 99.9% purity. People also recognize it as fine silver. Fine silver ornaments are different than the typical bright silver look. These appear gray and dull in looks. Such silver is less common due to its expensive value. Fine silver is mostly used in earrings, necklaces, and rings.

  1. Coin silver:

Coin silver was a common thing in the United States; however, it is rarely found now. Not many coins in the countries contain real silver today. Coin silver jewelry contains hallmark of .900 marking. Many of ornaments and coins made from coin silver are antiques and mostly preserved by the Govt. or Museums.

  1. Silver-filled:

Silver-filled is has recently picked a great demand. It cannot be termed as an alloy for its metal content that keeps varying with time. Usually, in silver-filled jewelry, sterling silver is based on the surface. The metal has not received any standardized hallmark yet.

  1. Silver plated:

Silver plated ornaments have a base metal product with a thin layer of silver applied to the areas of the piece. Even if you find a jewelry that mentions fine-silver plated it means there is only a tiny portion of silver in percentage.

  1. Nickel silver:

Nickel silver is applied on the base metal that usually consists of copper or zinc. It is cheaper than the other metals. However, jewelry made of nickel silver cannot be termed as silver jewelry. It consists of unreal silver that is only appealing to the eyes and satisfactory to the mind.

  1. Mexican silver:

If marked with a quality stamp, Mexican silver can hold a lot of importance in the online jewelry market. Although, it is termed as Mexican silver, the source country is not guaranteed if you buy it without reliable stamp.

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