Friday 30 December 2016
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A Waist High Bikini will turn Heads at the Beach this Summer

The sad truth facing us today is that shopping for swimsuits — especially if you are a plus-sized woman — can be hard. It can be exceedingly difficult to stand in the harsh lighting of a department store dressing room, squeezed into some tiny bikini trying to feel good about oneself. Well, here’s some good news: times and trends are changing, and the days of feeling ashamed of your plus sizes are over!

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Before you turn heads at the beach, you have to be able to find that perfect bikini — but don’t fret — it’s easier than you think to know where to find the perfect high waist bikini. The fashion industry is changing and learning to embrace full-figured women once again and spokesmodels like Ashley Graham are the embodiment of this change. She is the first plus-sized model to appear in Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit edition. Her motto is “Stand up for Curves, Confidence is sexy” — which is a terrific motto that everyone in and out of the fashion industry should live by, especially when swimsuit season comes around.

As you already know, shopping at department stores is just all-around difficult. First, you have to deal with sifting through the limited stock in the store to try to find something that looks cute. Then you have to deal with the process of going to the dressing room with its unflattering lighting and tight, awkward spaces — not to mention the subsequent fitting room anxiety that you may be familiar with. To save yourself the hassle, try shopping online where it’s so much easier to browse for and buy the season’s best swimwear from the comfort of your couch and in your lounge clothes. Your couch doesn’t judge you, and you don’t have to put makeup on. Plus, online retailers such as swimsuitsforall cater exclusively to plus size shoppers and always have a bigger selection of styles in every size. You don’t really have to worry about whether or not your swimsuit fits either because many online vendors will let you exchange your swimsuit for something in a different size.

Making things even easier, swimsuitsforall features a personalized body type calculator on their site so that you can know your exact body type as well as size before you buy. So now you know where to look, but what exact styles are you looking for? The high-waisted bikini trend is on fire right now, and for good reason. It’s a timeless, classic look that flatters virtually every body type, helping you flatter your body type in style. You really can’t go wrong with these sexy bikinis.

There’s no reason why you can’t look cute, sexy, and fierce this summer in a trendy, plus size swimsuit. It’s time to show the world what real beauty looks like. So gather your confidence, love your body, and step boldly into awaist-high bikini today.

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