Discovering Fashion In The 1930s – Your Quick Guide

After the crazy 1920s, 1930s in women western fashion was all about feminine elements. Women had longer hair, love dying their tresses in blonde shades and discovered the love for some of the exquisite materials – velvet and silk. As always, Hollywood had an enormous impact on fashion at that point of time. The big studios were very particular about the image of their leading actresses, who dressed and style in a particular way that was unique to them. In fact, this was the era when actresses were asked to drop pounds and maintain their image as on the celluloid. Expectedly, this influenced the decade’s fashion trends and norms in more ways than one. In this post, we will take a quick look at 1930s fashion.

The hook

Between 1920s and 1930s, Hollywood was a major factor in the world of fashion. This was time when fashion icons influenced the masses with their incredibly unique styles and images, as mentioned earlier. Women in 1930s were expected to be slender and slim, with a thinner waist than usual. Of course, not everyone was blessed with that kind of a body, so many ladies preferred taking a shot at their own outfits, which was still then a norm. It was quite normal for ladies to have a sewing machine and create their own outfits from a pile of stuff, at least in the working class, especially in Europe and England. Others preferred to pick the fabrics and take them to the dressmakers – an incredible term for the ‘designers’ back then.

The trends

As mentioned, women were expected to be feminine and slender, and since that didn’t work with a lot of women, many of them created their own versions of slim. This was the time when shoulder pads, beef/puffy sleeves and full-on collars became trendy, because these ideas should shift the attention to the upper part of the body, and hence, the waist would look slimmer. For a small period, embroidered “Bulgarian” blouses made way into the masses, and the use of colors was quite evident, especially beyond white. In America back then, ‘feed sack dresses’ were made of cotton found many takers.

As for the colors, the striking mix of combinations was extremely variable and likeable. Think of the more unique and bolder colors, and you have the 1930s! You can check online to find stores that stock vintage-inspired clothing and more.